Free ArcheAge Leveling Guide

Just in time for ArcheAge’s headstart we have access to a completely free and very detailed leveling guide. Created by Meliran, this guide details every quest on your path from level 1 to 50, and has every race and zone covered. Completing quests is the easiest and likely the fastest way to level up in ArcheAge so a step-by-step walkthrough is definitely helpful for anyone looking to get to the endgame as fast as possible.

ArcheAge Leveling Guide

These leveling guides will help you reach the level cap faster by showing you exactly where you need to go and where the quest objectives are. Best of all this leveling guide is completely free so you don’t have to worry about having to pay for anything!

Complete leveling guides:

The guides below include complete leveling guides for every zone and race: Nuian, Elf, Harani, and Firran.

Nuian leveling guides

Elf leveling guides

Harani leveling guides

Firran leveling guides

Shared guides:

All races shared guides:

You can download the complete guides for either of the 4 races and get a complete overview of their 1-50 leveling path, or if you only require help with a specific area you can save yourself some bandwidth and download only the guides you need.

Either way we hope you find these guides helpful.